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That FIA Coach

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FIA Business Coaching



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LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts, aka That FIA Coach, brings the heat to the stage, to your screen, and to your airwaves! Affectionately referred to as "the best coach on the planet!", LaVondilyn has been coaching entrepreneurs of faith for over 17 years - when you see that curly hair, those shiny nails, those combat boots, and that Bible, you know #thatFIAcoach is in the building! Her delivery is sheer power and Scripture-packed. And, you better believe, when it comes to business, she is no nonsense. "I believe entrepreneurship is calling. Just like doctors and teachers and pastors, we are called to serve the marketplace with our gifts and our natural skills. And when we say ‘YES’ to God and align our businesses with His principles, then He creates space for us in the marketplace. He blesses us with supernatural success," says LaVondilyn. She has coached thousands of women through her live events, podcasts, and even more through her ebooks and business products, but she is passionate about working closely with those enrolled in her coaching programs. "If a woman of faith comes to me with a call from the Lord, I will help her uncover her gift, build a profitable business around it, and achieve supernatural success in the marketplace. That is my calling." LaVondilyn has self-published 6 books and numerous e-books. She has also created, FBS3, her 12-week proprietary coaching curriculum, and over 30 packaged audio and digital products. LaVondilyn speaks at faith-based business and faith-based conferences nationwide and shares a daily "cup of Jesus" through her weekday podcast, FIA Good Morning, which reached thousands of women of faith every week day morning. Connect with her online at www.thatFIAcoach.com.

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Volunteering, Power partnerships, Networking, Podcast interviews, Consulting

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