#RaiseUP Your Business for Impact - Voice, Vision & Visibility in a New World - More details available here.

Hey Firedancer, we are at a threshold. NOW is the time, YOUR time... to go BIGGER than ever before! Can you feel it?

No more holding back! Spark connections and fire up inspiration, as we dance through the portal into a brand new world—raising up our voices, vision, and visibility as women called to LEAD during this extraordinary time.

Join us at the 8th annual Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference, guided by business, visibility and success mentor Kami Guildner, bestselling author of Firedancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose and host of Extraordinary Women Radio.

Over three powerful days, you will learn new world business strategies to ignite your wild success in 2023—with real time to implement and work ON your business.

The world—especially of small business—is changing.

At Ignite, we will break down the old, largely masculine ways of doing business and invite a more feminine, collaborative approach to expansive business growth and impact. It's a new day!  

The reality is that entrepreneurs cannot afford to apply those outdated marketing strategies and selling techniques to their business and expect to grow. Those staying in the trenches of old are getting lost in the noise and mired in ineffective world of doing more, compounded by plateaued growth.

Ignite brings you proven new world strategies to exponentially grow your business and your impact. Your Way.

This is the time to dramatically reinvent ourselves as business women, not to be someone else, but to dig in and reclaim the truest self of who we are. This is the time to dramatically shift how we light up our feminine wisdom to change the trajectory of business forever.

This is the work we do at Ignite.  And it's our wisdom, dear Sister, that will lead the way. 

You will learn:

  • Smarter ways to sustainably scale and grow, leavingyou more time to tend to your inner goddess fire and the things you love most in life. 
  • How to amplify the vision of your business– no more holding back or playing small! Bring on the courage and welcome the stretch!
  • How to break out of past revenue plateauswith proven business model strategies that leave you with more time and more money.
  • How to be SEEN and HEARD amongst the continual noise of the worldwith a message that matters, inspires and attracts your soul clients.
  • To fall in love with your business again and embody the energetic presence of the firedancer withincreating abundant possibilities you didn't even know were possible.
  • Connect in community that celebrates and supports your expansive growth and success.

The Extraordinary Women IGNITE Conference is the perfect real-time opportunity to tune in and map out the next big, bold steps toward YOUR wild success.

Who Ignite is For

If you deeply desire...

  • To grow your business with grit, grace and guts
  • To succeed with easein flow, not in hustle.
  • To amplify your voice and impact in the world.
  • To build a business aligned with who YOU are and the lifestyle you desire.
  • To attract the abundant flow of clients, revenue, and profit into your business.
  • In short, MORE—for you and your business.

IGNITE is for you if you count yourself among the CHANGEMAKERSof the world! The rule breakers, rebels, and women whose voices need to be heard; the extraordinary entrepreneur women who yearn to Live Out Loud while making an indelible IMPACT.

IGNITE is for you if you want to dance into 2023 with a strategy and a plan to make it all happen: BIGGER than ever, knowing with confidence how you will #RaiseUP your voice, your vision, and your visibility to expand your own wild success.

IGNITE is for you if you are ready to join a sisterhood of impact.The power of this CANNOT be underestimated, especially as we join together in this new energy of expansiveness. There is nothing more empowering and restorative than being in the room with other purpose-driven women, and hearing their laughter, stories, experiences, successes and challenges.

The world needs us NOW! Let IGNITE spark your imagination, inspiration, and courage!


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