Support Local Business with These Great Christmas Ideas:

We're just 9 days away from Christmas, and if you love supporting local businesses, you might be thinking of last-minute things you can do to support entrepreneurs you appreciate most.

Here are a few ideas for gifts and non-monetary ways to pay it forward.

Under $200


  • Purchase virtual assistant hours from a local VA provider.
  • Sponsor a Google or social media advertisement to promote their business.
  • Pay to boost their job ad to help hire the best talent.
  • Order the next round of flyers from their favorite printing company.
  • Hire a blogger to get a few blogs written for their website.
  • Hire a babysitter to give them a night off for self-care.
  • Pay for an hour or two of business coaching.
  • Provide some PPE if masks/hand sanitizer is required.
  • Order a Cameo that celebrates their business.
  • Sponsor an influencer post to promote their business.
  • Pass on a crisp $100 bill in a card.



  • Post a review on their Google Business profile, Yelp, or other social pages.
  • Share their latest promotion to your network.
  • Being a new customer to the store if they are brick and mortar.
  • Post about their business and/or check-in with a photo.
  • Introduce them to a new potential customer or strategic partner.
  • Spend an hour helping them search for new funding sources.
  • Nominate the business or owner for an award.
  • Refer the owner for a speaking opportunity at an organization you're member of.


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Krystal Covington, Marketing Consultant

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