I want to talk energy.

Everyone has power but, many leaders misunderstand their power outside of just their title and authority. This is where they can lose integrity in their influence and begin spreading negative influence.

Yes, I believe that each individual is responsible for themselves, their feelings, their actions but, we don’t live in a world, especially within our American workforce, which truly knows this yet. They may know it intellectually, but the root of the American workforce lives in victim consciousness.

What does this mean for leaders?

Unless you are willing to address the victim consciousness head on in your workforce, you will need to be a leader who takes responsibility for not only your energetic power, but how it is influencing the feelings, actions and behaviors of those around you.

Be responsible for your power in that way, or be responsible for addressing the root cause of victim consciousness within your organization.

I believe in approaching challenges at the root, rather than the temporary Band-Aid. I’ve seen leaders put a Band-Aid on their workforce and then blame their workforce when things go south.

This is just another reflection of victim consciousness from the leadership level. The hard truth is that this is what we are faced with now.

Most individuals have not had the life experiences to cope, be resilient and engage in social interactions during difficult or challenging roles or circumstances. Most have not been pushed to their potential.

This is something leaders will need to address if they want their work force to be fully mature adults who responsibly represent the organization.

Victim consciousness within a company = victim consciousness when the workforce interacts with customers.

While the root cause is not being addressed, you, as a leader, still have the power to change the energy in the room simply by your mood. You have the power to make someone’s day or ruin it all together by a simple glance.

The people you have the power to influence are watching you. So your actions and behaviors towards others are being evaluated, judged and modeled.


This is Truth.

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Jennifer Gance, CPC has 20 years of experience in corporate America and has held many leadership roles during her tenure. She is a Certified Professional Coach through iPEC and serves clients in the corporate sector in various industries with professional and leadership development. She recently began the second side of her business due to popular demand called INTEGRATION. INTEGRATION offers individuals a safe container to explore integrating the Shadow, as Carl Jung has coined this deep Work. INTEGRATION is an expression of how she has experienced universal Truth on her own personal journey.

Jennifer is devoted to raising consciousness in leadership and empowering individuals who desire the experience of the deep Work by combining her experience in corporate leadership, coaching and Shadow Work. She is in full service to the unfolding which wants to come through her clients.

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